Forklift tyre recycling

Make the best out of your used fork lift tyres

We get the best out of your scrap tyres. Particularly your used fork lift tyres and solid rubber tyres are in good hands with us. We have specialised in the material recycling of fork lift and solid rubber tyres, and obtain valuable raw materials for new products from your “waste”.

As well as fork lift tyres with and without the wheel, we recycle solid rubber bindings and solid rubber products from railway crossings and impact protection surfacing, for example.

Please contact us if you accumulate scrap fork lift tyres at regular or irregular intervals.

We guarantee that the tyres will be promptly collected, and would be pleased to fall in with your requirements with regard to transport. If you need a container to collect the scrap tyres, we will provide help at short notice.

Please call us, and we promise you: It will be worth it!

Our recycling expertise:

Stacker tyre recycling through granulate

The granulate from used tyres is a valuable secondary raw material that can be used in numerous products. Natural resources are conserved. The rubber granulate or rubber powder from old forklift tyres is used in artificial turf, fall protection mats, door seals, road surfaces or sealing materials.

We recycle not only forklift tyres with and without rims, but also solid rubber tyres, solid rubber bandages and other solid rubber products from level crossings and e.g. fall protection plates.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any old forklift tyres – regular or irregular.

If you wish, you can pick up your old forklift tyres. Make an appointment with us and we guarantee you a punctual and binding collection. We would also be pleased to provide you with a collection container, you fill it with used tyres and we pick it up as soon as it is full. The old forklift tyres are tested individually and recycled in an environmentally friendly manner according to their condition.

Tyre Recycling

Rubber tire recycling is a crucial component of our commitment to sustainability at Bender Reifen. We specialize in the recycling of rubber tires, employing advanced technologies to transform discarded tires into valuable resources. Through our efficient recycling processes, we extract rubber granules and reclaimed materials from tires, which can be utilized in various industries, including construction, automotive, and sports. Our dedication to rubber tire recycling not only helps reduce waste but also conserves natural resources, fostering a circular economy and a greener future.

At Bender Reifen, we offer reliable and efficient solutions for recycling old rims. We understand the significance of proper rim disposal and recycling in minimizing environmental impact. Our specialized recycling facilities ensure the effective processing of old rims, extracting valuable materials such as steel or aluminum. By choosing our services, you actively contribute to resource conservation and the reduction of landfill waste. Trust us to handle your old rims and transform them into reusable materials through our sustainable recycling practices.

Proper forklift tire recycling is a critical aspect of responsible waste management, and Bender Reifen specializes in this field. We provide sustainable solutions for the recycling of forklift tires, ensuring the environmentally friendly disposal and processing of these tires. Our advanced recycling technologies allow us to extract valuable materials from forklift tires, minimizing waste and promoting resource efficiency. By partnering with Bender Reifen for forklift tire recycling, you contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Have you ever wondered what to do with your old forklift tires? Look no further than Bender Reifen. We offer comprehensive recycling services for forklift tires, providing you with a convenient and environmentally responsible solution. Our specialized facilities and experienced team ensure the proper handling and recycling of forklift tires, extracting valuable materials for reuse. By entrusting us with your forklift tires, you actively participate in the circular economy and contribute to a greener planet. Contact Bender Reifen today for efficient forklift tire recycling services.

What is the process of rubber tire recycling?

The process of rubber tire recycling involves several steps. First, the tires are collected and sorted. Then, they are shredded into rubber granules or powder. In further processing steps, the recycled rubber is cleaned and purified, removing any contaminants. The resulting material can be used to manufacture new products such as rubber mats, flooring, or rubberized asphalt. Rubber tire recycling helps reduce landfill waste and contributes to environmental sustainability.

How can I recycle old rims?

Recycling old rims is an environmentally responsible choice. To recycle old rims, start by finding a local recycling facility or scrap metal recycler. They have the expertise to properly handle and process the rims. The rims are typically stripped of any non-metal parts and then shredded or melted down to extract valuable metals like steel or aluminum. These recovered metals can be used in various manufacturing industries. Recycling old rims reduces the demand for raw materials and helps conserve natural resources.

What can I do with old forklift tires?

Proper disposal of old forklift tires is crucial for environmental sustainability. Recycling old forklift tires is a recommended solution. Specialized recycling facilities can process the tires, extracting valuable materials such as rubber and steel. The rubber can be used to create new products or as a source of energy through processes like tire-derived fuel. Steel can be recycled and used in various industries. By recycling old forklift tires, you contribute to waste reduction and the conservation of resources.

What is done with recycled rubber tires?

Recycled rubber tires have various uses and applications. One common application is the production of rubberized products such as playground surfaces, sports fields, and rubber mats. The recycled rubber can also be used in the manufacturing of automotive parts, footwear, and even as a component in asphalt mixtures. Additionally, recycled rubber can be transformed into energy through processes like tire-derived fuel, where it is burned for heat or electricity generation. The versatility of recycled rubber tires allows for their valuable utilization in multiple industries, promoting resource efficiency and waste reduction.

Where can I find tire recycling centers near my location?

To find tire recycling centers near you, you can start by checking with local waste management facilities, recycling centers, or tire retailers. They often have programs or partnerships in place for tire recycling. Additionally, you can search online directories or use recycling locator websites specific to your area. These resources provide information on nearby tire recycling centers, drop-off locations, or scheduled collection events. Properly recycling your tires helps protect the environment and ensures they are processed in an environmentally responsible manner.

What is the process of recycling forklift tires?

Recycling forklift tires typically involves several steps. First, the tires are collected and transported to a specialized recycling facility. The tires are then inspected and sorted based on their condition. Depending on the tire’s condition, it may undergo shredding or grinding to break it down into smaller pieces. The resulting material is further processed to separate the rubber from other components like steel belts. The recovered rubber and steel can be recycled and used in various industries, reducing waste and conserving resources. Forklift tire recycling contributes to a sustainable approach to waste management.

Are old rims worth recycling?

Yes, old rims have value in the recycling industry. Rims are typically made of valuable metals such as steel or aluminum, which can be recycled and reused. Recycling old rims not only helps conserve natural resources but also reduces the need for mining and manufacturing new metal materials. By recycling your old rims, you contribute to the circular economy and promote sustainable resource management. Consider contacting local recycling facilities or scrap metal buyers to properly recycle and monetize your old rims.


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