Fork lift tyre recycling

Fork lift tyre recycling

Make the best out of your used fork lift tyres

We get the best out of your scrap tyres. Particularly your used fork lift tyres and solid rubber tyres are in good hands with us. We have specialised in the material recycling of fork lift and solid rubber tyres, and obtain valuable raw materials for new products from your “waste”.

As well as fork lift tyres with and without the wheel, we recycle solid rubber bindings and solid rubber products from railway crossings and impact protection surfacing, for example.

Please contact us if you accumulate scrap fork lift tyres at regular or irregular intervals.

We guarantee that the tyres will be promptly collected, and would be pleased to fall in with your requirements with regard to transport. If you need a container to collect the scrap tyres, we will provide help at short notice.

Please call us, and we promise you: It will be worth it!

Our recycling expertise:

  • Solid rubber tyres
  • Solid rubber bindings
  • Bindings
  • Fork lift tyres with wheel
  • Fork lift tyres without wheel
  • Solid rubber products
  • Impact protection areas
  • Rubber from railway crossings