Scrap tyres are not scrap!

Have you ever asked yourself …

The answer to these questions is the same: Scrap tyres are the secret.

Scrap tyres are a valuable raw material which can be used in many products so that natural resources can be used in an optimum way.

A second life

If possible and meaningful, we give scrap tyres a second life. This means retreading as far as HGV and bus tyres are concerned. The basis for this is perfect carcass quality. If the carcass is undamaged, a commercial vehicle tyre can be retreaded up to three times. The advantage: Retreading uses significantly fewer resources than the production of a new tyre. Retreaded commercial vehicle tyres are good for the environment and your wallet.

Incidentally: Commercial vehicle tyres which are given high quality retreading have similar quality to new tyres. Retreading is not worth it for car tyres. Provided that the scrap tyres are still in good condition and undamaged, they spend their second life abroad.

The main countries to which scrap tyres are exported are countries in eastern Europe (used winter tyres from Germany are often sent there, where they are re-spiked) and African countries. You can only drive at slow speeds in the majority of African countries because of the condition of the roads, meaning that a German summer tyre which has more than 2.5 mm of tread can be used there safely.

Material recycling

Recycling of the material is our second choice. During material recycling the rubber is re-used as a valuable raw material. The basis of the material recycling is granulation. The scrap tyres are shredded into pieces of rubber about the size of your palm in a modern mechanical shredding system. These are then chopped up into rubber granules.

The rubber granules are then the basic material for many different rubber products such as sports pitches or artificial turf. When the granules undergo further processing into fine rubber powder, the material can even be mixed with so-called whisper asphalt in order to achieve the desired effect.

Thermal recycling

If the scrap tyres are unsuitable for material recycling, the option of thermal recycling is available. As a thermal energy carrier, they are then used in large plants such as cement works as an extremely efficient fuel. Which is good for the environment, since fewer fossil fuels are used.


Managing Director: Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen Bender
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