Tyre export

Perfectly used: A second life for your tyres

There are few countries with a better road system than Germany. As a nation of motorway drivers, we are proud of the fact that there are few countries in which you can drive faster than Germany.

Driving speedily and sportily, but safe! This has been our motto for more than 25 years.

Fast speeds make particularly exacting demands of the tyres, because after all, the tyre is the only component which connects the vehicle to the road. This means that for safety’s sake, the experts recommend changing winter tyres with a 4 mm tread and summer tyres with a 3 mm tread, even though the legal minimum tread depth is 1.6 mm. Many countries in which fast driving is not possible to this extent can therefore make excellent use of our “scrap tyres”.

We have an excellent network and have good contacts in the most important export countries for scrap tyres. We will carry out both large container loads and smaller jobs for you in a competent and professional way.

We would be pleased to deal with the entire process, from transport to invoicing and the customs formalities.

Our most important tyres export companies

Tyre export is a very precise system. We maintain particularly close contact with powerful partners in countries in eastern Europe such as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Bulgaria. We also have excellent contacts all over Africa. From Morocco to Tunisia, all the way to Gabon, Senegal, Congo and Cameroon.

If you need help with exporting, we are the right contact.

Tyre Export


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