Tyre fitting

Tyre fitting

We’ll do it for you!

It used to be easy to get the tyres out of the garage in the autumn and fit them to the wheel and the vehicle. Nowadays our cars can travel at 200 km/h without problems and are equipped with RDK systems. With commercial vehicle tyres the dimensions are becoming more and more demanding, and the RDK systems make fitting more difficult.

We are real professionals in the area of tyre fitting and would be pleased to carry out this work for you. We will fit both truck tyres and car tyres in a professional way. Save yourself the trouble and give us a call.

Additional benefits

If you let us fit the tyres you will also benefit from our trained eye. During installation we will soon see what the condition of the tyre is. If the rubber already becoming porous? Is there a risk of punctures or installation damage? And what does the tread look like?

Our experts will check the tyres so that you are safe on the road – regardless of the vehicle. We would be pleased to let you know whether your tyres can be used for another season, or whether they should really be replaced. If replacement is due, we are sure to be able to provide you with a set of tyres.