Certified ZARE tyre recycling company

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Bender Reifen Recycling GmbH is a recognised specialist disposal company with global connections. Scrap tyres are disposed of all over Germany.

Bender Reifen Recycling GmbH consists of an experienced team with the necessary know-how for the professional disposal and recycling of scrap tyres. Scrap tyres are disposed of in Germany on the basis of a well-tried logistical network.

Make new from old!

In the commercial vehicle area it is normal to make tyres reusable by means of “retreading”. This applies to approximately 20% of the scrap tyres.

Tyres with a minimum profile depth of 2 to 4 mm are now mainly sent to eastern Europe, South America and Africa for further use.

A good 200,000 tonnes of the annual scrap tyre volume goes into the rotary furnaces of the cement industry as an energy-rich fuel for generating thermal energy.

The rest is taken for material recycling. When this takes place, the scrap tyre is disintegrated into its original components. The end products which are produced are used in the fuel and plastic industry, in the construction industry and in the chemical industry.


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